Shoe Repair - Cleaning

Shoes are the closest item we wear to the ground and so inevitably they get dirty. If you are not sure how to clean your shoes or need advice on what to use on the particular material please feel free to pop in and see us. We carry a broad range of cleaners for all types of upper from leather to paten to suede or satin or even your sport footwear.

The finish on any shoe will fade with time and again good regular care of the upper can prevent this. If you need to breath some life back into a tired pair of shoes or boots we carry a good range of rejuvenating polishes or treatment to cover scuffs, brighten color or improve shine.

We can of course clean and rejuvenate the finish for you if you are not confident to do it yourself. Results will vary depending on the type and age of the stains or on just how faded they have become. We also clean satin shoes and see lots of post-wedding shoes that look like they have been used while gardening. Don’t despair in most cases they can be cleaned and returned to their former glory.

The images below show some examples of what can be achieved.

In the leather treatment image, the boot on the left is untouched and is pretty dry and dull. The boot on the right has been treated with a neutral leather treatment to soften and moisten the upper and as you can see this has brought the finish back to life.

Shoes Looking Shabby?

Tired of the Shoes looking shabby

Change the colour and Revitalise!


Cleaning Before

Cleaning before

Cleaning After

Cleaning after

Leather Treatment

Leather treatment


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