Surgical Modifications

When people see “surgical modifications” they think operating theatre but of course this is not what we mean. This actually means we modify shoes to accommodate a medical condition. There are a wide variety of modifications we do and generally they will be specified by your physician be it your GP, podiatrist, orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor or physiotherapist.

If you have an existing modification and simply need to get some more shoes modified to match you will not need a referral, but in most cases we prefer you to have a referral from your physician, requesting that we assess and treat your particular condition.

Some of the modification we do include:

Converting laced shoes to fold back Velcro straps where laces are becoming too difficult to do up. Adding d-rings to Velcro straps to allow the use of a hook to do up shoes. Rocker soles used to decrease pressure on soles of the feet. Adding a wedge or flare to soles for stability. We can also adjust the upper of your shoes to remove pressure on bunions, clawed toes, heel spurs or hammertoe etc. We can make and fit T-straps or (heel sockets) ferrules to shoes for use with leg calipers. We can fit lightweight soles. Midsole widening for Charcot feet. We can lower or narrow heel counters or add padded collars to the shoe. We can also stiffen the sole or shank for extra support.

Some photos of our work are included here but just because you don’t see your particular modification here please don’t think we don’t do it. There are simply far too many different types of jobs that we do, to show photos or describe them all here. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Before 3cm Raise

Surgical mods before

After 3cm Raise

Surgical mods after

Before 2cm Raise

2cm raise before

After 2cm Raise

2cm raise

Before Ferrule Added

ferrule before

After Ferrule Added

ferrule after

5cm Raise

5cm raise


Modify Opening Before

Modify Opening

Modify Opening After

Modify opening after

Modified Opening

Modify Opening


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