Orthotics can be used in the treatment of many issues including but not limited to, pronation, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, pes cavus, Morton’s Neuroma, Arthritis, Leg length discrepancy (less than 8mm), Achilles Tendinitis, heel spurs, Charcots foot, Diabetic Foot, Metatarsalgia etc and do so by using one or more of the following, pressure deflection, improved mechanics, offload inflamed tissues, re align anatomical anomalies etc.

We make what are commonly known as semi-rigid or soft orthotics. These are made from EVA rubber which is vacuum formed to a plaster impression of your foot to ensure a good fit. The orthotics can be finished in a number of different materials depending on the needs of the patient and their planned use (i.e. sport, day to day, specific shoes or sandals etc).

In the case of orthotics we have HBF accreditation and so if you have the correct level of cover you should be able to claim much of the cost of your orthotics back. If you are unsure please check with your health fund as to whether you are covered and to what level. If you would like us to make you some orthotics please call to make an appointment to have an impression of your feet taken. We also sell a range of off the shelf orthotic insoles and these can be viewed on the accessories page under Footlogics. Depending on the severity of your complaint these may suffice.

shows the impression of the patients feet before the plaster cast is made.

shows the finished orthotics with the plaster cast used to form them

shows how the patient’s foot with sit perfectly in the orthotic shows how the orthotic can be finished in a different way for use in sandals or open toe shoes

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