Road Racing Motorcycle Gear Repairs

motorcycle brands we can repairWe replace zips in just about everything including jackets, pants, race suits, armour, gear sacs, kit bags, boots and most anywhere else you can put a zip. We can usually make 2 piece suits match where the zips don’t go together (i.e. you’ve bought a new pair of Alpine Star pants and the zip does not match the Joe Rocket jacket you bought).

On the road-racing scene, our most common work will be to patch up race suits when you come off. We always endeavour to use the highest quality leathers in patching your suit and will generally try to ensure the stitching is concealed to add to the safety of the patch.

We replace press-studs in most items and carry a good selection of branded press-studs from the major brands of clothing.

We can add Velcro panels to leather pants to be used for knee sliders or make up leather panels to stick to the Velcro on the pants when not using the knee sliders to avoid them filling up with dirt while riding on the road.

Of course it is important to remember that we are not miracle workers so if in doubt why not ask the shop if they will refund your money on the pants or jacket if it is not possible to match them. Most of the motorcycle shops know us and so they will usually cut you some slack if they know what you are trying to achieve.

In the image below this new suit only had very small velcro pads to place the knee sliders on and so there was no room to move them as required. We created larger panels and positioned them to allow the slider to be moved as the rider grew in confidence and found the exact spot where they would work best for him.

Slider Replacement

shows the size of original piece of Velcro on the suit and the new larger piece about to be added

Slider Replacement

shows the new larger  Velcro pieces on the suit

Slider Replacement

shows the sliders in place on the new Velcro



Boot Zipper Replacement Before

Boot zipper

Boot Zipper Replacement

Boot zipper

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