Custom Leather Work

Although not our core business we do offer various custom leatherwork. We hope you can appreciate that as this is not a mainstay of our business we are not always able to undertake the job you may require, due to lack of suitable equipment or materials to complete such jobs. We will however always try to assist our customers and endeavour to deliver quality work at a reasonable price.

Some examples of the types of work we have completed in the past are shown below:

Gun Bag

Gun bag


This old gun bag has been around the world and back and the end had torn open and most of the straps had come un-stitched. The leather needed to be patched and the lace work needed to be redone. Sadly we could not match the colour of the leather exactly but the customer was happy to be able to use the bag again.

Knife Sheath

Knife Sheath


This customer had been given this knife by his grand father, who had made it, from an old piece of farm machinery. He wanted a sheath the reflected the rustic nature of the knife and would make it practical to carry in the bush. We selected leather that had a stippled finish to match the effect in the blade and on the wooden handle. The stitched edges have an added filler to protect the stitches from the blade also. The keeper was placed low on the handle to stop the knife from coming out of the sheath while being carried or worn on a belt.




These saddlebags needed to be renovated, as the straps to close them had rotted along with the leather thronging that held all the pieces together. We removed all the old rotten materials and replicated it in new leather as closely as possible. All the existing leather was treated with a leather conditioner to protect it and extend its life.

Sword Scabbard

Sword Scabbard


This customer worked for a theatre company doing a production of Robin Hood and needed to have 3 more scabbard made to match one they had already. Again an exact match was not possible on the leather but we were able to find leather that matched the style used in this period and so looked authentic.

Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet


This travel wallet was made to match a vinyl wallet the customer had been using for many years. Due to lots of use this wallet had become very torn and worn and the customer wanted to replace it and make 2 more for some work colleagues, who also have to travel lots with work. The wallets had 1 external pocket and 2 internal pockets and was 100 leather, mixing cowhide and goat hide.

Welding Inspectors Wallet

Welding Inspector's Wallet


This customer came to us with a scribbled drawing of a wallet he had been given many years before when he first became a welding inspector. Sadly the wallet had been stolen and so he wised to replace it. As we did not have something to copy, we had to work from the description given by the customer, The finished wallet is fitted with a piece of glass from a welding mask, which is held in place using Velcro.

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