CIAC Step by Step plastic shoe trees made in Italy

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These Italian made shoe trees help keep yous shoes in great shape with the spring loaded light pressure from heel to toe. Storing your shoes with shoe trees in also helps prevent creases in the front section of shoes too.

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$15.00 GST incl.

Plastic Shoe trees are ideal for keeping your shoes in shape. This spring loaded shoe tree help retain the overall shape of the toe box while the gentle pressure applied over the length of the shoe by the spring stops the shoe from curling up also. This is particularly prevalent in men's shoes with leather soles. Being made from plastic makes this product very light weight and so it is ideal for travel as it packs easily.

Storing your shoes with shoes trees in will help prevent creases to the upper and so extend the life of your shoe. Shoe trees should not be confused with shoe stretchers as the spring in this shoe tree will keep your shoe in shape but is not strong enough to stretch you shoe. 

The quality of the spring in this shoe tree is excellent and will hold your shoes in shape for many years to come. We know there are cheaper plastic shoe trees on the market but we doubt there are any better quality at this price.

CIAC Plastic Shoes tree come in a combination sizing

EU 35-37

EU 38-40

EU 40-42

EU 43-45

Heavy soled shoes and boots such as men’s thick leather soled shoes may need a heavier shoe tree such as the wooden shoes trees you will find in the related items tab. 

Remember prevention is always better than cure and regular use of this product will extend the life of your shoes or boots. 

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