Collonil Soft Practic beeswax, silicon & jajoba oil leather cleaner in 75ml tube

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Polish your shoes and increase the intensity of the colour at the same time. Great for those autumn and winter months when shoes can become a little flat.

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Collonil Soft practic is the ideal product for smooth leather and synthetic upper shoes and boots to both add shine and bring back the intensity of colour in the upper. It comes in a 75ml tube with a sponger applicator on top to make it easy to apply. The mixture of beeswax, silicon and jajoba oils helps to nourish the leather and return that high shine like new finish.

 Made in Germany since 1909 to a very high standard, Collonil Soft Practic really is hard to beat when it comes to bringing back that shine. Collonil Soft Practic can be applied using either a cloth or brush and should be allowed to sit on the surface of the leather for at least 15 minutes before being buffed using a clean cloth or shine brush.

You should apply the polish sparingly and spread evenly over the surface to be polished. If your shoes are particularly dry and when you buff them the shine is not to your satisfaction it may help to reapply some polish and allow to sit for approx. 5 more minutes, then buff the surface again. The same applied to areas that are heavily scuffed, where extra polish may need to be applied if the polish you apply first soaks right in.

Remember prevention is always better than cure and so it is important to polish your shoes from new as once leather dries out or begins to crack it is very difficult to renovate it to its original lustre.

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