Joseph Lyddy Dubbin non shine waterproofing compound in 125g tin

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Joseph Lyddy Dubbin is made to condition and waterproof all sorts of leather. When you need heavy duty protection from the weather dubbin is ideal. Great for leather footballs, hiking or work boots, heavy leather jackets & saddle bags. 

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Joseph Lyddy Dubbin is synonymous with high quality and great results and its yellow lid is iconic. It provides protection for footwear, boots, jackets and sporting goods from the harsh elements of the weather. Dubbin has a natural water repellent that gives an invisible shield against grime, dirt and water stains. Dubbin is perfect for waterproofing, softening and preserving all your loved leather goods. Available in black, brown and neutral in a 125 g tin.

Dubbing should always be applied lightly and worked well into the leather to avoid leaving a sticky surface finish. It is definitely easier to apply on sunny days when the item can be left in the sun for a little while to warm up as this helps it to draw in the dubbin when its applied. The same can be said for the dubbin which soaks into the surface better when it is lightly warmed by the sun. We do not advise using hair dryers or other heat sources as this will be a little too severe and gets the dubbin too hot.

Remember prevention is always better than cure and regular use of this product will extend the protection against the elements and extend the life of your shoes or boots. 

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