Waproo Colour Change shoe paint for leather & vinyl shoes

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Widely used for dance shoes Waproo Colour change paint can be used on leather and synthetic shoes to bring new life to tired uppers or to change the colour for a performance or dance concert.

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$9.95 GST incl.

For rejuvenating and recolouring smooth leathers and most synthetic materials. Waproo Colour change comes in a large range of fashionable colours in a convenient 50ml bottle with a brush for easy application.

To successfully apply Waproo colour change it is very important to fully prepare the leather beforehand. This involves using Waproo Stripper for leather or Waproo preparer for light weight leather and synthetic materials. Once the surface is prepared apply a light even coat along the grain of the leather, allow to dry, at least 30mins, then apply a second coat. It is much better to apply to 2 light coats than one heavy one. It may be necessary to follow with a third coat.

Allow to dry completely overnight before buffing to a shine. On drying the colour will be a slightly darker. This Colour change is not to be used on suede or nubuck leathers.

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