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Dr Comfort Blue Shoe Horn

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12 Inch plastic shoe horn for added reach to aid in puttin on your shoes.

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$5.95 GST incl.

A great way to extend the life of your shoes is to always use a shoe horn when putting them on. Correctly using a shoe horn prevents the internal heel stiffner from being bent out of shape as the foot is forced into the shoe. Regularly bending the heel stiffner will normally result in the stiffner becoming detached form the upper. Once the stiffner detaches from the upper it will then often cut through the lining or begin to break down.

Avoiding this type of damage to the stiffner means the heel area of your shoes retains its shape and gives better support to the foot.

The shoe horn is also a great aid to those people who find it difficult to reach down with both hands to put their shoes on. A 12" shoe horn is classified as a medium length and offers good reach but of course we do also stock longer shoe horns made of metal as once past 12" plastic is normally not strong enough and it is advisable to choose a metal shoe horn if you need a longer reach.

Remember prevention is always better than cure and regular use of this product will extend the life of your shoes and make them more comfortable as it retains its shape better. 

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