Collonil 100ML sponge applicator shampoo for leather fabric & suede


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An excellent shampoo cleaner all shoe materials. It removes dirt, salt, snow and water stains. Can also be used to clean leather or suede handbags.

Always test colourfastness before use!

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This Shampoo is an excellent cleaner for all sorts of different materials used in shoes or hand bags. It comes in a sponge application 100ml bottle to facilitate an even application of the cleaner onto the shoes. Can be used all leathers including suede.

Made in Germany by Collonil who would have to be one of the worlds best makers of shoe care products and trust us we have tried loads of brands. We use this shampoo here in our shop as we also do a vast array of shoe repairs. It is a fantastic shampoo and if you take a look at our social media channels you will see the results we have achieved in cleaning shoes that have really been through the wars. 

When considering the results you might get, a few things to remember will be how dry was the shoe surface before the spill or stain got on there. The drier the surface the more the stain will have been soaked into the surface. How long has the stain been on there. The sooner you deal with a stain the better chance you will be able to remove it. What is the stain? Oils and sugary liquids such as liquors or red wine are notoriously difficult to remove from leather or suede.

Remember prevention is always better than cure and so it is important to polish or protect your shoes from new as once leather dries out or begins to crack it is very difficult to renovate it to its original lustre. Collonil Shampoo should be used in conjunction with a leather polish such as Collonil Ultra, Shucare Mink Oil or other conditioner to keep leather soft and supple. 

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