Footlogics Comfort full length orthotic insole

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Full length orthotic for use in sneakers or work boots with deep heel cup, strong arch support and built-in metatarsal raise.

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The Footlogics Comfort is a full length orthotic designed for use in lace up footwear where there is enough room in the toe box for the additional padding or where ideally there is a removable foot-bed type insole. Most commonly used in sport shoes, walkers, joggers, sneakers or work boots the Footlogics Comfort has a deep heel cup and strong arch support with inbuilt metatarsal support.

The Footlogics Comfort if made from light weight EVA and Durapontex, for cushioning. It also features shock absorbing heel pad and metatarsal pads. The forefoot shape is wide and can be trimmed to fit perfectly into your shoes using a scissors only. To do this take the foot-bed insole out of your shoe and line it up over the bottom surface of the orthotics. Then draw around the toe shape ensuring that you have aligned the very back edges of both together. An easy way to do this is to stand both insoles up on the heel cups using a flat surface. If you are not sure always trim outside your line on the first go so that if it is a little tight you can trim a little more off rather than making them too short on the first effort.

Please use the Sizing Guide below to determine your Footlogics size. If in doubt, simply measure the length of your foot with a ruler, from the back of the heel to the tip of the big toe.








3.5 – 5

5.5 – 7

7.5 – 9

9.5 – 11

11.5 – 13


5 – 6.5

7 – 8.5

9 – 10.5

11 – 12.5



35 – 37

38 - 40

41 – 43

44 – 45

46 - 48


20.5 – 22.5

23 – 25

25.5 – 27

27.5 – 29

29.5 – 31

Use only as directed, if symptoms persist please consult, your health care professional.

We cannot accept returns or refunds on orthotic items chosen incorrectly or once worn. We will only accept an exchange of items deemed faulty. Just return your product within 30 days of the purchase date. Please return them to us with your proof of purchase clearly stating the fault and reason for an exchange. You can find all the details on how to do this by clicking on our returns policy.

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